Aamir Khan to play Baiju for Krishna Shah’s next



Aamir Khan is known for the roles he chooses and the perfection with which he portrays each of them. Now wonder, the characters played by him go on to create an ink in the memories of Bollywood. The latest buzz is that Aamir is being considered for the strong and substantial role of Baiju in Hollywood director Krishna Shah’s ‘Baiju-The Gypsy’.
Shah had been working on the script for some time and then for reasons better known to him he set aside the script for the time being. However, when AR Rahman came across the script he was thoroughly impressed and encouraged Shah to proceed with it claiming the script to be one of the most cherished scripts he has read and said that he was disappointed when it was put on hold.
Krishna Shah said, “In fact Rahman had insisted on me contacting Aamir for the role of Baiju. He even offered to call him. But somehow, things did not work out”.
At present, Shah is on a look out for a director for the acript as he himself is busy with his next venture ‘Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story’.

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