Telugu actor Uday Kiran commited suicide


Telugu film hero Uday Kiran committed suicide by hanging himself at the late midnight at his apartment in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad.Though the exact reason behind his death is not known, the buzz is that the actor ended his life after being depressed over his dull career.
Telugu actor Uday Kiran’s got married in Oct. 2012 was alone in his apartment, while his wife went to a birthday party. After waiting for him his wife tried reaching him over the phone. After repeated attempts to reach him over the phone failed, she rushed home only to find him hanging from the ceiling in their room.
Uday Kiran’s father, VVKMurthy said that Kiran was worth many crores, said that his son was not a coward to commit suicide. Vishitha, Uday Kiran’s wife lodged a complaint, prompting a probe into Kiran’s suicide.
A group representing Brahmins (Kiran’s caste-group) alleged that two castes – Kamma and Kapu (to which a majority of Telugu heroes including the top four like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna belong to) do not allow others to grow in the industry.
Denying such a trend, Telugu Movie Artists Association President Murali Mohan however admitted to the importance of caste in the Telugu film industry and said, “Till the Telugu movie industry was based in Chennai caste was not a factor but things have changed after it moved to Hyderabad.”
Meanwhile, a lawyer has filed a petition in the State Human Rights Commission, seeking direction to the government to order investigate into the actor’s suicide. Petitioner Arun Kumar alleged that four families were ruling the Telugu film industry and cited this as the cause for Kiran’s suicide.

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