A lean person at jewellery showroom in midnight…


Hyderabad :- A thief has taken away gold jewellery weighing several kilos after making a hole on the rear wall of Tanishq jewellery showroom at Punjagutta, a stone’s throw from the Chief Minister’s camp-office-cum-residence in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The offender reached rear side of the showroom through the adjacent narrow passage after Friday midnight, the Punjagutta police said. He dug a hole enough for a lean person to pass through. “The video footage recorded by secret cameras showed a leanly built person moving inside and collecting gold ornaments,” the investigators said.

Senior police officers rushed to the spot along with the CLUES team. Sniffer dogs were brought to the showroom for leads about the offender.

Police said the exact value of the jewellery stolen was yet to be ascertained.

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