We are not against capitalism, but crony capitalism: Kejriwal..


Aam Aadmi Party founder and former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said his party is against crony capitalism not capitalism. He also said it is not the job of the government to do business, rather it should focus on governance.

“We are not against capitalism, but we are against crony capitalism. We are depressed when spectrum worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore is purchased and sold for Rs 6,000 crore within one week. This is not called business, it is called dacoity,” he said while sharing AAP’s economic plan at a CII event.

Kejriwal during his 49-day tenure as the Delhi Chief Minister ordered CAG audit of power discoms and initiated action against Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries and Oil Minister Veerappa Moily alleging complicity in fixing gas prices. “There is a very small section of industrialists in our country who are not industrialists or businessmen, but they are looting the country. We are against them but not against you all.

If businesses are closed then who will generate employment,” he said. The AAP chief said a corruption-free government can help businesses grow and his party is committed to making India free of corruption. Kejriwal alleged that government has knowingly kept the judicial system inefficient and said that there is a need to reduce litigation, especially from government side.

“Our judicial system is complicated. It has been knowingly made inefficient. It does not take rocket science to understand that if you appoint more judges and open more courts, then cases which have been pending for the last 20 months are resolved in 6 months.

I think that would improve efficiency to a great extent,” he said. Law Minister Kapil Sibal had recently said that the government was working on doubling the ratio of judges to people from 14 per million to 30 per million in the next five years. Kejriwal said that his policies may be wrong but his intentions are to give a corruption-free rule.

“I am fine that you criticise me, but it is of no use if you keep abusing us from outside the circle. Come inside the circle and tell us what to do. I would invite you to become a part of this revolution,” he said.

Kejriwal took oath as Delhi Chief Minister on December 28. He resigned on February 14 after his government was defeated on the Jan Lokpal Bill in the state Assembly. He claimed that his government has done the maximum work during short period of about one-and a-half month. “We have done lot of work in last one-and-a-half month. The amount of work we have done, I am challenging, let me know if any other elected government has done as
much as we have done since independence,” Kejriwal said. AAP founder said his party ordered audit of power companies within 5 days of its rule.

In one and half month if we have reduced corruption. “Go to any industrial area whether it be Bawana, Narayana or Wazirpur, there you don’t have electricity, road or water. I don’t how people are running industry there. We need a elaborate plan for them but government fell before that. I hope
government will come again,” he said. “I have asked industrialists to tell me which are procedures that need to redefined so that government should have very little interference,” he said.

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