100 years old Pamban Bridge : A historical view…


India, Sri Lanka and Rameswaram Island over the centuries had been traded. Numerous workers from Tamil Nadu to work in the tea plantation in Sri Lanka visited.

Certain items in the capital of Tamil Nadu and in the Indian traders who sell goods such as tea from there to here, and on sale stood before him.

Sunset through the hall by boat from the port and from there Danushkodi Thalai part of Sri Lanka visited the ship.

For the convenience of the passenger hall, between the port of Dhanushkodi (Sunset Thangachimadam through No.) 1876 – Railroad bridge was built over the Sunset Sea.

The bridge over the 1914 – began in passenger rail. The railway bridge at the bottom of the sea in ships coming into the facility at a later date, the bridge was replaced.

Chapel train from Madurai to go over the bridge from the sea Sunset Thangachimadam through Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi to turaimukatat.

Dhanushkodi port was a major port. Danushkodi waters off the train from Madurai to direct passengers to bring aboard a facility that was then.

The sea distance of 2.45 kilometers is a railway bridge. 146 Railroad bridge pillars set into the sea bear. 4 thousand tons of cement was used to build the pillars.

British engineer seskar building is named after the railway bridge. 1964 – In December Dhanushkodi island was destroyed in the storm. Rain was in the path of damage. No. took up the task of reforming the rail route. 1966 – In the back of the hall – opened for traffic on the railroad between Rameswaram.

The level of Rameswaram island bus, cars and tours comfortable hall, flyover formed between Rameswaram.

The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi laid the foundation stone. 1986 – the first year – Minister of Mgr. Led by then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated the bridge to vehicles. This was the name of the late Indira Gandhi. The bridge length of 2.23 km. Meters.

The bridge to Rameswaram from various parts of the country, there is direct vehicular traffic. The flyover of India 2 – is the longest katalpalam. (The first bridge in Mumbai, Bandra – Worli is between.)

This is a rail bridge. Railroad Bridge is the oldest bridge in the sea, to prevent corrosion of aluminum painted on the pillars of the bridge has been preserved up to 6 months.

Rail traffic on the bridge in such a magnificent hundred vayatakinratu today. On behalf of the festive Madurai Railway station century train traffic on the railroad bridge set to celebrate the centenary of the exhibition.

Bridge and railroad traffic, including many rare photographs of this exhibition is housed in Dhanushkodi. To record the history of palantamilar Sunset Bridge stands majestically upright, with many of them wish to live the centuries, it is our duty to protect.

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