Hansika to stare angrily with Nayanthara…


It was reported that Hansika glared at Nayantara at the airport .

Simbu and Hansika were in love with each other and also publicly announced about their love . The two met in the shooting . Romantic gifts were exchanged . They faced advent in their happy love life because of the arrival of Nayanthara.

Already Simbu was in love with Nayantara and it split the difference of opinion . He gave an interview accusing each other openly . They do not meet in public speaking .

At this stage of the Pandiyaraj ‘Idhu namma aalu’ Nayantara was selected to act opposite to Simbu . It was roumered that the selection was made on behalf of the willingness of Simbu. This caused Hansika to be as hot .

Hansika is hesitated in the matter , Simbu and Nayantara to act together . This say a crack fallen in love of Simbu with Hansika . Nayantara and Simbu were talking and laughing sitting too close at the shooting spot was released on the Internet . Seeing these pictures kopappattaram became so angry.

This leads to glare at Nayanthara at the Airport. The incident occurred at the airport in Chennai . Both were face to face in a place on their walks . Hansika saw her staring angry when talking to each other . The immersion was bad as each other fights between them . Then their crossed in the walking pace .

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