Ukraine issue threatens downs Sensex about 170 points…


Dealer check: They said that investors were worried about global tension between Ukraine and Russia. Most of the Asian markets ended lower today. Traders say that overnight risk in global markets have increased and trading activity continue to be low in the markets.

Sensex is down 170 points to 20,949.25 while is off 56 points to 6,221. Major European markets are down nearly 1.5 per cent.

Markets extend losses. Sensex down 108 points to 21,011. At its day’s low, Sensex hit 20,992.78. Global markets are weak over Ukraine concerns though rupee is holding up.

Shares of HT Media rose as much as 5.8 per cent after well-known private investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala bought 1.5 million shares in the company.

HT Media shares were up 4.27 per cent at Rs. 80.60.

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