Is Jayalalitha the next Deputy Prime Minister ?


Announcing 40 candidates seats for all areas , Jayalalithaa actively starts for election campaign rally , at this time political pollsters watching Jayalalitha’s activities , had pointed out that there is a big change in her activities .

She is highly critisizing the Congress Party in her election campaign . As same Modi also kicking the Congress . Jayalalithaa on her election campaign rally did not make any comment on the BJP . Similarly, when Modi came to Tamil Nadu ,he did not comment on the AIADMK regime . So both parties are said to be planning to hold a secret election deal .

Now the only party that can affect the success of the AIADMK is , DMDK of Vijayakanth only . It may be secretly planned as , going on in speech with Vijayakanth still election ,and at the last moment to announce that Bharatiya Janata alliance with the AIADMK .

When , Congress and the DMK alliance after announcing their candidates and leave alone Vijayakanth , BJP is preparing to surprise a secret alliance with the AIADMK . The AIADMK is why left to avoid the allocation for the other parties . So the Communists and the DMDK parties are in great shock .

At last , by allocating 6 blocks to the BJP and AIADMK will keep its 34 seats ,the BJP’s relied parties like DMDK , MDMK , PMK and the Communist parties who were relied AIADMK will be left in critical situation .

After the election, in case of the Bharatiya Janata’s rule , Jayalalithaa will be suggested as the deputy prime minister and AIADMK MP will be placed as important cabinet ministers.

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