Actress Commented against Governor , in controversy…


Actor Rima Kallingal seems to have taken her new found role as a social commentator pretty seriously! The comments that she has reportedly made in her Facebook page after the news came out that former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit would be the next Governor of Kerala, has left everyone surprised.

The post on Rima Kallingal’s Facebook page was this:

Ha ha ha !!!

All women journalists in Kerala … Beware.. You will all have to get home by 6 pm of Sheila Dixit has her way!! :):)

These lines came with a note mocking the news in a daily, where it was mentioned that Sheila had expressed her desire to spend some time in Kerala, in an earlier interview.

Now, what is the relevance of Rima’s comments?

While Sheila was the chief minister of Delhi, she had reportedly asked once, why should women be out of their homes after 6 pm, as there were several incidents of molestations at the capital city! Her remarks got into the headlines then.

Rima’s post has another relevance as well.

There are rumours doing the rounds that Rima has plans to get into politics. Comments like these should give more credence to such rumours or what?

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