Modi vs Kejriwal , will contest againstly in Varanasi for Lok Sabha Polls ?…


Bangalore: Coming out with his guns blazing against Narendra Modi, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday declared he was ready to take on BJP’s prime ministerial candidate from Varanasi but linked his final call to the people’s approval there.

Accepting the challenge for a face-off with Modi, a combative Kejriwal said AAP wanted him to contest against him but he would hold a rally at Varanasi on March 23 and would go by people’s response, indicating a final decision hinged on it.

“I will go to Varanasi on March 23. We will have a rally in Varanasi. Whatever people of Varanasi will say that will be final. If people of Varanasi decide to give me this responsibility, I will accept it wholeheartedly,” the AAP leader told a rally, as his supporters cheered him lustily.

Kejriwal’s announcement, still with a tinge of suspense, came a day after the BJP top bass announced the name of Modi for Varanasi, where a set party veteran Murli Manohar Joshi has yielded to the Gujarat strongman after days of reported hard bargaining.

“I have not come here for victory or defeat. We have come here for struggle. I accept this challenge,” said Kejriwal, as he wound up his two-day visit to Karnataka, where AAP is aiming big contesting all the 28 Lok Sabha seats.

Pouring out scorn and vitriol on Modi and tearing into his development model,he also ridiculed Gujarat Chief Minister over reports that he would contest from another seat in his home state, apart from Varanasi.

“…If he does it, it will be like he is leader of Gujarat but not fit to be Prime Minister of the country,” he said.

Kejriwal said, “….He has to contest from one seat. Contesting from two seats.. Doubt will certainly arise in the minds of people as to why he is searching for a safe seat.”

“We want a brave Prime Minister. Do we after-all want a Prime Minister who is looking for a safe seat,” the AAP leader said ridiculing Modi, against whom he has scaled up the attack after his recent visit to Gujarat.

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