IOS 7.1 causing problems to IOS users…


The latest introduction of iOS 7.1 seemed to cause apps to crash less frequently. Users were also commenting about how the update made iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 run much smoother and overall made using it a much better experience.

However, there have also been reports from iOS users who are saying the update is causing severe battery drain, causing phone batteries to drain faster than ever before.

There is not much indication on how many users have been affected, but some are suggesting that performing a clean install of iOS 7.1 by restoring through iTunes could potentially be a solution to the problem.

Now there are growing complaints that iOS 7.1 is causing iPhones to become unresponsive, and that it may be disrupting Touch ID.

According to threads on Apple’s website users are claiming that after installing iOS 7 their iPhones are freezing up and that sometimes the keyboard fails to recognize input.

Battery life issues appears to be one of the main problems associated with an upgrade to Apple’s iOS 7.1. Some users say that after upgrading, iPhones and iPads use juice far more rapidly, and intense use can result in a drain of up to 50 percent in an hour. One Apple forum user said that battery life drops by 5 – 7 percent when on standby for over five hours.

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