Director Lingusamy withdraws the film ‘Inam’


Director N.Lingsamy who distributed the Santhosh Sivan directed ‘Inam’ through his Tirupathi Brothers has voluntarily withdrawn the screening of the film in all theatres with effect from today (31.03.2014).

In an urgent press release, Lingsamy has said “I have always loved the Tamil land and Tamil people from his heart both in my personal life and film career. I am also the one who gets happy for the victory of Tamils living all over the world and saddened for their sorrows. But now some rumors are being spread about by affection for Tamils. I have also gone through some bitter experiences. Basically I am a lover of Cinema.

Beyond profit loss calculations I have always tried to take forward good films. I released ‘Inam’ on the same principle. I felt it is an important attempt as a Cinema. But wrong details are being spread about that film. I have also come to know that the film has hurt a few people. It has also lead to confusions based on politics. Due to this I faced personal criticisms and bitter experiences.

I have never feared anyone for anything. But I have always had a major concern for this country and the people living in Tamilnadu. Hence at the time of Elections approaching fast, I stop the screening of Inam in order to avoid any conflicts. Inam, which had been released on behalf of ‘Tirupathi will be withdrawn from all theaters with effect from 31.3.2014. Personal sentiments and the people are more important to me. Hence I have taken this decision without considering the loss that will be incurred duo to this”.

Inam faced protest from certain Pro-Tamil organizations stating that the film shows the struggle of Sri Lankan Tamil people in a poor light. On Saturday, Lingusamy announced the removal of four scenes and one dialogue from the film. However on Sunday he seems to have decided to withdraw the entire film in order to prove his care and affection for Tamil people and the Tamil cause.

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