Get a concession on petrol using your election ink …


NEW DELHI: Don’t discount your ballot. Besides making the right choice, casting your ballot is also likely to get you a concession of 50 paise on each litre of fuel bought on polling day in your city. All you have to do is to go to any of the specified pumps in your city and show the indelible ink mark on the finger as a proof of having cast your ballot.

Sources said petrol pumps are discussing the scheme which is likely to be announced before the nine-phase poll begins. The move is a voluntary effort by petrol pump owners to do their bit for fuelling democracy and promoting voter participation.

Some dealers said the scheme will be offered throughout the country in accordance with the polling dates in each area. The discount, however, would only be available in select pumps just on polling day.

Delhi, for example, is expected to have 10 dealers out of nearly 400 outlets offering the scheme.

Sources said the discount scheme is a bid by petrol pump owners to polish up their public image, which often takes a beating due to complaints of under-delivery and fuel quality issues. It would supplement the Election Commission’s campaign to encourage voters to cast their ballot. The EC has launched a vigorous media campaign to prod voters, especially the young generation, to make the right choice.

The discount scheme would be like icing on the cake for petrol consumers. State-run fuel retailers are expected to announce a reduction of about Rs 1.70 a litre in petrol price on Monday but raise diesel price by 50 paise, excluding VAT, on the back of the EC last week clearing the way for the revision.

The reduction would be the result of a softening of international oil prices and the rupee gaining strength against the greenback. The diesel price hike would continue the government’s January 2013 decision to gradually remove subsidy through monthly revisions.

Though the fuel’s price has been raised 14 time times since then, accounting for a cumulative rise of Rs 8.33 a litre in Delhi, the gap between cost and retail rate remains Rs 7.16 a litre. Fuel prices were last revised on March 1 when petrol price was increased by 60 paise a litre and diesel by 50 paise. At present, petrol costs Rs. 73.16 a litre in Delhi while diesel is priced at Rs. 55.48.

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