Passengers of malaysian missing plane are alive , shock report of Malaysian official…


On the 8th Malaysian airline missed magically and the whole world is in search of that plane .Few days later , the Malaysian government announced that the plane had crashed in the Indian Ocean near Australia .In this stage , the Chinese naval force had tested the parts obtained in the ocean and stated that it is not related to the malaysian missing plane .

Hearing this the rescuing team get confused in searching the plane . Now , a Malaysian higher official stated that ” there are chances to the flight to be safer and the passengers to be alive “.The rescue department also joined as the parts of the plane was not found anywhere which notices that the plane is safe .

No nations had performed a concrete investigation .The relatives had said that they will file case on Government of Malaysia ,which is playing with the lives of innocent at the International Criminal Court .

Because of the such reports of the Malaysian government the people are in confusion .

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