Naan Sigappu Manithan : Movie Review …


Cast:Vishal, Lakshmi Menon, Sundar, Jagan
Music:GV Prakash Kumar
Producer:Siddharth Roy Kapur, Vishal

Vishal acts as a young man suffering from ‘Narkolepsi’ .Basically when a siyuation occurs of tension , high anger and excessive sound causes the man to sleep suddenly , this disease is the ‘Narkolepsi’.At this sleeping stage the mind will be as awake .The persons and the conversations takes place before him will be recorded in his mind .

Vishal , suffering from such strange disease , has some desires to be made . He likes to work hard , earn more money and to give rest to his mother , to meet a pretty girl and to love her and marry her , to be awake for one day fully .In a situation , Lakshmi menon enters in her life and Vishal falls in love with her . Lakshmi Menon helps to fulfills all his desires and make him so happy . Lakshmi Menon’s father did not accept their love because he feels that the person suffering from such diseases cannot become a father . Lakshmi Menon thinks a new solution to this problem . The solution is , he takes Vishal into a swimming pool and joins with him .

In this stage , a four unidentified persons raped Lakshmi Menon . At that time Vishal was strucked by Narkolepsi , he was not able to protect Lakshmi Menon . Lakshmi Menon went into a coma . How Vishal takes revenge on four persons for the happenings ? Vishal with a disease like this , how he carries out his wishes ? The answer is to watched at the screens .

In the first half centiment , romantic , comedy film to be moving Interestingly and during interval the director makes to feel shock .The scene was a little difficult to accept , but the scenes are the happenings of the recent world ,it automatically attaches a desire to watch the second half . After the break , the director had gave many unexpected scenes . While we are thinking that who is the villian of thuis story , the introduction of the villian makes us to stunn .

Vishal lives as the Narkolepsi attacked person .Vishal suits in every scenes such as romantic scenes , affection with his mother , and in the scenes which makes us to feel sad for him .

Lakshmi Menon acts as the usual cute girl . He comes as the rich girl , Iniya took a different role in this film .Vishal’s friends in the ‘ crab ‘ Jagan are good characters . Vishal ‘s mother Saranya played really ?

The film has many positive points like , screenplay , music , cinematography , background music , lyrics , editing .

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