Woman died after two minor blasts at the Chennai central railway station ….


A woman died after two minor blasts on a train at the Chennai central railway station this morning. Nine people have been injured.

The blasts took place at around 7:15 am on the Bangalore-Guwahati Express, which had just arrived at the platform 9 of the station for a 10 minute stop. The blasts reportedly took place between the S4 and S5 coaches.

“There were two minor intensity blasts,” RK Mishra, a senior railway officer, said at the station.

A 32-year-old woman, Swati, was killed on the spot. Mr Mishra said she was traveling from Bangalore to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, and was headed to her relatives’ home in Guntur. Her relatives have been called to Chennai.

Two people have been critically wounded, while seven have received minor injuries. The state government has announced compensation of one lakh for the family of the woman who died, Rs. 55,000 for those who are critical and Rs. 5,000 for the others who were injured.

Both these coaches have been damaged. Officials said they hoped to resume train operations within an hour.

The nature of the blast is not known yet.

The station has now been cordoned off and is teeming with police personnel who are checking the rest of the coaches. Sniffer dogs have been scouring the platforms. The injured have been taken to a hospital near the station.

Surveillance has now been increased in all trains and stations in Andhra Pradesh.

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