Chandrababu Naidu’s son amuses voters by immitating Rajinikanth’s dialogue ..


Tirupati: Mr Nara Lokesh, son of Telugu Desam supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu, livened up his ‘Yuva Prabhanjanam’ yatra by imitating superstar Rajinikanth to the amusement of the crowds in Chittoor district .

The scion of the Nara family arrived to a rousing reception in Chandragiri and Puthalapattu constituencies.

He took everyone by surprise when he cornered his political opponents by delivering famous dialogues from the Rajini starrer Narasimha.

“Athiga asapade adadhi, athiga avesapade magavadu bagupadinattu charithralone ledu (No ambitious man or woman has ever prospered,” he said.

Mr Lokesh told the assembled crowd that neither Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who, he said, was selfish in trying for power for a third consecutive term and had bifurcated the state for the purpose, nor Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy who has “looted the public and amassed wealth to the tune of `1 lakh crore”, can ever emerge victorious.

Mr Lokesh then narrated a pitta katha (folk tale) of a greedy fisherman who catches a fish but ultimately ends up leaving it in the pond in the expectation a better catch. He was trying to drive home the point that people with self-centred goals might gain temporarily, but in the end only leaders who commit their lives for the cause of the people will be victorious.

Those who ventured out of their homes to attend the roadshow, after being fed a diet of repeats on TV channels, were treated to a special Sunday by Mr Lokesh who offered them something out of the box.

Mavayya Balayya (uncle Balakrishna) must have been all smiles.

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