Crocodile taken to hospital after being crushed by 18-stone woman …


A crocodile had to be taken to hospital after it was crushed by an 18-stone Russian woman on a bus.

The seven foot reptile called Fedya was travelling on a circus bus full of performers and was fast asleep when the vehicle hit a bump in the road near Severomorsk, in Russia, sending the woman, flying.

The woman, an accountant for the circus troupe, was not wearing a seat belt and tumbled on top of the crocodile which happened to be sleeping near her, according to a news agency which operates under the scope of the Russian government.

The Soviet Circus, based in the region of Murmansk, feared for the reptile’s life after the shock left
it vomiting for three hours.

This can be a sign of severe internal injury for crocodiles.

The accountant escaped with only minor injuries but has been reprimanded for not wearing her seat belt.Fedya was taken to a nearby hospital where it was checked for internal injuries by experts.It had to skip a performance that had been scheduled for later in the evening.

A newspaper reported that the woman was ‘advised to lose weight and observe safety precautions’.
Animals including tigers, lions and monkeys are still used in Russian circuses, where there are no laws preventing them performing.

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