Actress Manorama hospitalised due to severe breathing problems …


Veteran Tamil actress Manorama was admitted in a private hospital hospital due to severe breathing troubles.Comedienne & Character actress, Manorama is 77 years old.

Manorama had severe knee pain 2 years ago and was operated.Later when visited the Sri Kalahasthi temple she slipped and fell down in the bathroom and got injured on the head. She was admitted in a hospital again.

After returning home from the hospital, she was suffering from frequent illnesses.She was in hospital last March getting treated for breathing difficulties.After returning home, she celebrated her 77th birthday at home.

Manorama suffered from breathing problems again and she was immediately admitted in a private hospital.Doctors are closely monitoring health in an intensive care unit.

It is reported that there was less potash in her blood and she would be in the hospital for 2 more days under treatment.

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