Sending too many SMS could make you blind !


A young Chinese man who constantly texted his girlfriend at night so much that his retina became detached.

This man was into messaging app WeChat, which allows intimate conversations, day and night.

According to Medical Daily, this 26-year-old WeChatted with his beloved so much in the dark that his retina became detached.

Retinal detachment tends to appear in those who already suffer from advanced myopia. It is also far more prevalent among those of advanced years.

There are many symptoms, including heaviness of the eyes and a vast increase in the number of floaters.

WantChina Times said that this lover needed surgery to ensure his eyesight remained intact.

Excessive use of cell phones has been linked by researchers to headaches, dry eye, and blurred vision. Doctors are relating early and constant screen staring with myopia in the very young.

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