Illayathalapathy Vijay’s letter to the PM Narendra Modi …


Actor Vijay has sent a letter to Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, requesting him to scrap the Service tax laid on Films made all over India.

In his detailed letter, Vijay has appreciated Modi for working hard and taking swift action to take the country in developmental path. Addressing the PM as the one who has affection for Cinema Industry, Vijay said he is putting forth this request since it will save many people depending on Indian films.

Noting that Cinema is not only an entertainment industry but also the one which brings crores of direct and indirect income to the government at the centre and states, Vijay has said that, the Service tax that was been imposed by the previous government has affected the functioning of lakhs of producers, theatre owners, distributors, exporters, actors and actresses, technicians and other workers.

Drawing the PM’s attention to the fact that many leading film production companies and theatres have closed the shutters being unable to cope up with the loss caused by service tax, the ‘Thuppakki’ actor has noted that if change does not happen, it will discourage investors to enter the film industry which may hamper its growth and many workers depending upon the film industry will lose their job.

The actor has also recollected that veteran actors, Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, Mr.Mamootty, Mr.Sarathkumar, Mr.Mohan Lal, Mr.Venkatesh and Mr.Pawan Kalyan have submitted petitions to the previous government requesting them to eliminate the service tax but no action was taken.

Vijay has ended his latter by once again stressing his request to the Prime Minister to eliminate the service tax and save the Indian Film Industry which in turn will pave way for many quality films to be made and elevate Indian films to the top level in the world arena.

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