Delhi tops in deadliest roads in India , Chennai ranks second …


The Ministry of road transport and highways has already recorded the highest numbers of injuries and deaths happened in highly motorised cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore, but an audit carried out by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found that the national Capital tops in road accident risks and accident hotspots.

The CSE on Monday released its latest assessment of road accident risks and accident hotspots in Delhi, which showed that the Capital has the highest number of fatal accidents among all cities, with five deaths a day.

The CSE said the assessment indicated that despite a nominal reduction in the total number of accidents over the past two decades, the share of fatal accidents has increased phenomenally as Indian cities are giving more importance to high-speed roads for vehicles-and not to ensuring safe access.

According to road transport and highways ministry, Mumbai has recorded the highest number of all types of accidents in India this year. “Unsafe roads are a warning against the goals of sustainable mobility practices. Walking, cycling and public transport will be difficult, if people are not safe, and are injured or die while travelling,” said Sunita Narain, the director general of CSE.

Anumita Roychowdhury, the CSE’s executive director for research and advocacy, said: “If any other cause was responsible for so many deaths in Indian cities, it would have led to emergency measures. Neither the rich nor poor can escape the fury of our killer roads.”

“Our assessment has become necessary at a time when Delhi and other cities are trying to increase their share of public transport along with walking and cycling with the aim of getting clean air, protecting public health and reducing fuel guzzling and climate impacts,” she said.

Chennai, which follows Delhi in road accident deaths, reports 25 per cent less fatalities.

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