NASA to upload crowd sourced messages from Earth to Aliens …


Washington: NASA is planning to upload crowd sourced messages from Earth into the outer space through its New Horizons space probe.

According to, Jon Lomberg, who started this project and also helped create the human time capsules carried on board the Voyager spacecrafts, will be responsible for curating the collated material along with NASA and online voters, the Verge reported.

However, the exact contents of messages have yet to be determined but the final product might be comprised of images, sounds, 3D maps, and software, which will eventually be streamed to the New Horizons probe once it has completed its study of Pluto and its adjacent satellites.

An official announcement about the project was scheduled for August 25th and it would contain submission guidelines.

Having secured approval from NASA, the next step would be to raise an estimated 500,000 dollars fund for the project.

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