Prime Minister Narendra Modi reunites the Nepalese youth with his family …


Kathmandu:It seemed to be a scene taken out from a Bollywood movie but the only thing was that it was real the story of lost and found.

It was an emotional reunion of 26-year-old Jeet Bahadur, the Nepalese youth, with his family after about 16 years of separation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has had a key role in this reunion.

Bahadur had got lost in India and Mr Modi found him in Ahmedabad. Since then he played the role of a guardian to him and ensuring his education and well being. He also made special effort of ensuring that Bahadur’s family is located in Nepal and he is reunited with them.

Soon after arriving here for a two day visit, Modi handed over Bahadur to his mother Khagisara and brother Dasharath Sarumagar and younger sister.

Bahadur’s mother thanked Mr Modi for looking after her son and educating him like his “dharma putra”.

The poor family, which lives in a slum, had concluded that Jeet had got lost for ever after Dasharath failed to locate him about 16 years ago.

“It is my good luck that I lived with a VIP but I never felt that I was living with a VIP,” said Jeet. The second year student of BBA plans to continue his studies in India. He now cannot speak his mother tongue Nepali but is fluent with Hindi.

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