Ebola virus could come in India, Immigration Officers inquiry with hawk eye…


The ebola virus has to be spread as very fast from Liberia to all other countries, now in India has worry about the ebola virus, Immigration and Custom officials are on their toes. There are strict instructions to keep a hawk eye on all the passengers coming from Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways and Emirates.

The fear is passengers with Ebola virus could enter India through the Indira Gandhi International Airport or the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Alert notification has been issued for airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi as well. Alert has also been sounded for various airports under Airport Authority of India.

The government has also roped in Indian Medical Association to coordinate the efforts and be ready for any eventuality. This after the government learnt that 50 to 60 Indians in Liberia were in the process of returning to India.

Indian Medical Association spokesperson Dr. Rajinder Saini said, “We are coordinating with the government. The situation isn’t bad but then we have a huge population and resources could be limited.”

Dr Saini added that people from African nations come to India not just for travel purpose but to get medical treatment as well and hence it was all the more important for the various airport authorities and hospitals in various metros to be careful of the situation and also be equipped to tackle the situation.

Spokesperson at Mumbai International Airport told Headlines Today that they have received an alert notification and that sign boards and information would be put up for passengers at the arrival and departure terminal at the earliest.

MIAL spokesperson also added that there is a team of doctors at the airport at all times along with the government team and that request boards had been put up at various places asking the passengers to cooperate as well for it is not easy to recognise a patient.

A DIAL spokesperson added that there was a notification in place and they were waiting for further orders to streamline the efforts.

Airlines world over are concerned. British Airways communication read, “We have temporarily suspended our flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone until 31 August 2014 due to the deteriorating public health situation in both countries.

Air India and Jet Airways do not fly to African nations. On its part the government is taking several precautionary measures but right now it is the airports that need to be on the highest alert.

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