Narendra Modi’s new 19 commandments for all officers of civil services …


New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a revised list which has 19 commandments for officers serving in the all civil services.

The commandments issued by Modi require bureaucrats to be driven by merits as well as be courteous and responsive to the public, as per reports in leading dailies.

The PM further wants officers to be politically neutral, make a declaration of any private interests that they may have as regards their public duties, ensure any decision they take is not aimed to benefit family and friends, and also make efficient use of public resources.

“Every member of the service shall make choices, take decisions and make recommendations on merit alone,” .

The rules wants the officers to maintain confidentiality in government matters, particularly those that relate to national security; concern strategic, scientific or economic interests of the nation; friendly ties with foreign countries etc.

The commandments also require bureaucrats to exhibit high degree of professionalism; follow the Constitution; uphold sovereignty and integrity of the country; maintain integrity in public service; be fair and impartial in their conduct, particularly with the poor and under-privileged, among others.

The government of PM Modi has incorporated these changes in the All India Services (Conduct) rules.

The commandments, for now, apply only to IAS, IPS and IFS officers. Later on, these would be made applicable to all officials.

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