Simbu’s feelings on pain of love …


Simbu had recently speaked in an interview honourly . When asked about the pain of losing love, STR’s response was, ” Being stabbed by a knife only hurts for the first time, I’ve been stabbed before, the pain isn’t new to me. God is my director, he decided I should lose in love, so I did, everything happens for good. Let it happen as willed.”

When asked the second most obvious question, about his rivalry with Dhanush, STR said that, every actor should be respected for his talents. Just because a person likes Ajith and Rajni doesn’t mean he should hate Vijay and Kamal. You can love an actor and still not hate others. He also said that he and Dhanush were in par in the industry, but that doesn’t make them enemies, they will be good friends, and the fans should be too.

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