Jackie Chan’s son arrested for using drugs in China…


Jackie Chan is the Kung fu superstar, who done many films as super action and attracted all over the people. His 32-year-old son has been arrested along with his Taiwanese friend here on drug-related charges.

Jaycee Chan, a movie and television actor also known as Fang Zuming, was detained by Beijing police together with his friend, 23-year-old Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko Chen-tung.

It’s unclear when the duo was detained, but neither has posted anything on their frequently updated Weibo social media accounts since last Tuesday, Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported.

Chan and Ko join a growing list of celebrities, including Hong Kong and Taiwanese actors, who have been nabbed in Beijing’s widening campaign targeting celebrity drug abuse in the last two years.

The duo could face potential criminal charges.

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