Hansika Wishes to Simbhu be the Best…


The famous actress Hansika, who attracts all the fans as well as hero’s. This 23, she facing many problems in her life. After some much-needed R&R and a fun vacation with her gal pals, Hansika is back in Chennai to shoot for Romeo Juliet with Jayam Ravi.

She said about simbhu “I’ve nothing to say. At least one person should keep quiet. Silence is my dignity. I come from a dignified family, so does the other person. There is no point in talking about it. He will say two words, I will say two words and at the end of it, I will get hurt.”

“I don’t want to hurt him. I still wish him the best. I’ve no regrets about that part of my life. I’ve moved on. One person should close the shutter down and say ‘Let’s not talk about it and let’s not hurt each other’. Even if it were to come up 10 years later, I’d still keep quiet. There is no point in pointing fingers because there are three fingers pointing back at you”.

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