Aiyar says You throw Modi into the sea…


Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar told in a party function of women workers that Modi would be forced to return to Gujarat and then could be driven “to the seashore” if the party succeeded in associating women leaders of local bodies.

“Women who have proved that they can work for the public, if we bring them into the Congress, then Modiji will be forced to return to Gandhinagar tomorrow. And if you can drive him to the sea, then congratulations to you,” Aiyar said.

Aiyar also accused Modi of making “false promises” in his August 15 address to the nation.

His “chai wala” jibe at Modi during a Congress conclave in February kicked off a huge controversy with Modi turning it into a campaign theme by holding ‘chai pe charcha’ meetings.

Aiyar, a former panchayati raj minister, attributed Congress’s failure to empower local bodies as the reason behind the party’s poor show in Lok Sabha elections. “Fourteen lakh women have been elected. I can see only 14 of them. You have to include all 14 lakh,” Aiyar said.

He said that if there were 20 reasons for Congress’s rout in the general elections, one of them was definitely the failure of the UPA government in implementing Panchayati Raj policies.

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