I ashamed for my son’s mistake, Jackie Chan…


Jackie Chan, the famous stunt actor who did many films and he has more fans around the world. Recently his son arrested in a drug case.

He has written a heartfelt letter of apology for his son. His son was caught in a huge drug crackdown last week with cops saying they found about 3.5 ounces of the green stuff in Jaycee’s Beijing home, according to TMZ.

“When I first heard the news, I was absolutely enraged,” Jackie wrote in a letter posted on his official website.

“As a public figure, I feel very ashamed; as his dad, I’m very sad and disappointed. But the person who feels heartbroken the most is his mom.”

“I hope our younger generation will learn from Jaycee’s mistake and stay far away from drug abuse. I would like to take this opportunity and say to Jaycee: you’ve done something wrong and you have to be responsible for the consequences. I’m your dad and I’ll always be with you. We will face the road ahead of us together. I should also take some of this responsibility because as his dad, I didn’t teach him well.

“Therefore, on behalf of Jaycee and myself, I extend our deepest apologies to everyone for the negative impact this has caused on society. Thank you.”

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