I love Chennai, Hansika shares on Madras Day…


Hansika Motwani is an Indian actress who predominantly appears in Tamil and Telugu films, she has a great heart for adopting the child when her birthday. She shares about why she love chennai at madras day celebration.

Even before my first visit to Chennai, I was always called ‘idli wali’ in school and college. My love for idli sambar began when I was a child.

Once I began shooting in Chennai, I realised there was so much more to Tamil Nadu than their yummy food. The people have a heart of gold.

When I was in Polachi during a shoot, an old village lady pulled me by my hand, brought out a coconut and did a little pooja. She told me she was shooing away any ‘evil eye’ cast on me by people.

That’s how warm people are here. They make you feel like you are one of their own. I describe Chennai as a city filled with people who are grounded, early risers, welcoming, giving, warm and very professional.

My favourite line in Tamil is “Yennaku romba pasikidhu” (means: I am very hungry). The food here makes you say that often.

Chennai is my home, I do have a house in Mumbai though. On Madras Day I’d like to say, let us all celebrate Chennai. There is no city as vibrant and so attached to culture and tradition.

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