London is the most expensive European city , says survey …


The survey, by Post Office Travel Money which looked at 12 major European cities, said London was even pricier than Paris for tickets.

A visit by two people to an art gallery, a museum, a heritage site, the opera, the ballet and a classical concert costs a total £256.

Warsaw in Poland was found to be the best value of the cities polled, with cultural trips costing £70.

That was followed by Budapest at £80, Prague at £93, and Dublin at £102.

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said prices varied dramatically across the 12 cities surveyed – all of which boasted world-class cultural attractions.

“This means culture vultures can save hundreds of pounds by doing their homework before booking and swapping expensive cities for cheaper ones,” he said.

While London was deemed the most expensive of the 12 cities surveyed, even though costs were found to have dropped by 21% since 2009.

Culture prices in Rome and Vienna were also down from 2009 – by 36.1% and 27.3% respectively.

Costs in Amsterdam rose by 37.3% – the highest rise among the cities.

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