High Court orders for Vijay’s Kaththi film story …


Vijay’s Kaththi is facing a new problem . Recently, a writer named Minjur Gopi has filed a case on the film, stating that the story is a stolen one. He has filed a petition at the Chennai High Court in this regard. Here is a viewpoint on the case, from Gopi’s perspective.

Few years ago, a multinational company had acquired the lands of the innocent people in Gopi’s town, selling it at throwaway prices. At that point of time, Gopi recorded a few interesting incidents taking place in his town and wrote a story called ‘Mootha Kudi’. On completing the story, Gopi narrated it in a time gap of three hours to a producer named Vishwas Sundar.

This took place in the company of a mutual friend named Jegan. After Vishwas Sundar took a decision to not do the film, Gopi was in a gutted state. However, Jegan who liked the story put Gopi in touch with AR.Murugadoss.

On hearing the story from Gopi, AR.Murugadoss was seemingly impressed. The director suggested some slight changes to the script, and finally telling Gopi to change it into a double hero subject. It is heard that AR Murugadoss has also agreed to produce the film with Gopi as the director. As the betterment process of the story started taking place, AR Murugadoss reportedly called off the project saying that he cannot produce the film.

Few months later. the news that Kaththi had taken off with Gopi’s story shocked the writer. In turn, the writer has now filed a complaint stating that actions have to be taken against the director and Jegan, also a judgement has to be given on the story, whether it is his own ‘Mootha Kudi’ or an original one coined by AR.Murugadoss.

Therefore, it is now ordered that Kaththi’s story and Minsur Gopi’s book, both have to be submitted to the advocate general. Both the scripts will be read and analyzed, and only then a call will be taken.

To add to the confusions, there has been a turn of events where a response has been sent in regard to the complaint. It states that Gopi has not even met AR.Murugadoss until now, and there has been no discussion between them in the past.

Moreover, if the story of Kaththi is brought out, it will lead to a fall in the collections for the film, is what the report states. The doubts linger around as this has added the fuel to the fire in the ongoing conflicts for Kaththi.

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