Ajith gifted a new ‘i-phone’ to his car driver…


Thala is known to be the one who follows his heart and very generous towards his staff. The actor surprised his co-star and driver recently.

Ajith gifted an imported wrist watch to Vivek as a token of gesture when the star comedian shared good memories of their previous collaborations including ‘Vaali’, ‘Kireedom’ and other films. This happened while the two were shooting for Gautham Menon’s upcoming flick.

Ajith bought a brand-new sophisticated mobile phone to his car driver after he found that his driver is not so comfortable with his phone, and had troubles answering the calls. He also gifting his earphones to the driver, and asked him to use it while driving. The driver was flooding with happiness.

Few weeks ago, Ajith built homes for all of his staff members for offering their services over the past several years. He, however, doesn’t wish to talk or publicize such things and that’s a great quality.

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