The famous Telugu actress Kriti Kharbanda harassed in the Airport…


Kriti Kharbanda, who is the famous actress in telugu industry, who was harassed by an Air India officer.

Kriti was flying to Hyderabad in an Air India flight and while checking in her luggage at the Kempe Gowda International Airport, she was asked to pay extra for her baggage.

When Kriti asked why she was asked to pay when she had taken a flight on the same carrier a few days ago for which she wasn’t require to pay extra, the reply left the actress stunned. The man at the check-in counter responded with aggression and didn’t answer her question properly. He continued to be rude and dismissed her concerns even after the involvement of a duty manager.

A miffed Kriti thought of lodging a formal complaint as she feels that such behaviour must not me meted out to any passenger. The actress has posted an open letter to the airline carrier on her Facebook page in an effort to bring this harassment to the fore.

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