21st century belongs to Asia, Narendra Modi…


Indian PM Narendra Modi who went to US, he said the world is convinced that the 21st century belongs to Asia.

Modi said the whole world is looking at India, and added that no country has the strengths that India has.

Expressing confidence that India will achieve new heights, Prime Minister Modi said that his nation has three qualitative powers that nobody else has.

“We have three powers that nobody else has, and it is our duty to identify these powers, present it to the world and mobilize it,” said Modi.

“First, Democracy this is our biggest strength. We are god’s children, we have received his blessings. Even the poorest man went out in the heat to hear speeches. Second, Demographic Dividend 65 percent of people are less than 35 years in age. There is no need for the nation to look back, it can only look forward, and third, Demand – the world is looking at India, it is a big bazaar (market), and therefore, the demand will naturally be big,” he added.

“America is the oldest democracy in the world. India is the biggest democracy in the world,” he said amid a thumping applause.

Prime Minister Modi said that India, which is the youngest country in the world, will live up to the expectations.

Asserting that India wants change, Prime Minister Modi said: “There is an atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm.”

“We are a youthful nation with a very old culture. 65 percent of Indians are below the age of 35,” said PM Modi.

“There is no reason to be disappointed or anguished. India will progress very fast and with unimaginable speed; and the skills of our youth will take the country ahead,” he added.

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