Don’t kill the white Tiger, Trisha pleaded…


Last week Vijay the white tiger was intrigued by the sudden visitor who fell into his space at the Delhi Zoo.

Soon, there were many a distractions that eventually turned into irking line of incidents which seemed to follow only after the visitor entered.

Unable to take the pelting any more, Vijay gave a blow and grabbed the visitor’s neck with his teeth, carrying him a little farther away. And that is how the innocent college boy breathed his last, after having accidentally fallen into the tiger’s pit. It is sad that the boy’s life had to end tragically. Ever since, Vijay has also been kept in isolation.

Now there have been calls that the tiger must be killed, as he has turned ferocious. But animal lovers are vehemently against this, and are requesting that the decision be reconsidered.

The beautiful star who is also an animal lover, is also disturbed over this issue. Trisha has now openly pleaded to the President of India, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee that Vijay shall not be killed for the student’s death.

“Vijay did not attack, he was only defending himself” she wrote in her microblog.

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