London Woman marries herself…


A 31-year-old film maker from London has got around the problem but tying the knot to herself.
Grace Gelder had been single for six years when she decided to organise the unorthodox ceremony on her own.

The pop cultural inspiration was attributed to Bjork’s ‘Isobel’, which has the lyric: ‘My name’s Isobel, married to myself’.

The reports said that the wedding ceremony was attended by 50 guests. Gedler proposed to herself on Parliament Hill, north London in November and walked down the aisle, with herself, in March.

Grace’s wedding kiss? On a mirror.

The Metro quotes her as saying: “A few did comment, in a light-hearted way, that it was a bit narcissistic. Obviously, if you have just announced you’re marrying yourself, it is plainly a statement of self-love, and I was under no illusion how self-indulgent that might appear.”

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