7 Million Dropbox accounts hacked, change your password now…


Dropbox has confirmed that it wasn’t hacked and that details posted online claiming to be usernames and passwords are fake. The cloud storage company said that the details were stolen from “unrelated services, not Dropbox”. Attackers then used the stolen credentials to attempt to login to Dropbox accounts.

“We have measures in place to detect suspicious login activity and we automatically reset passwords when it happens,” a spokesperson explained.

Dropbox said it had checked a list of usernames and passwords posted online and confirmed they were not associated with Dropbox accounts. Users are still encouraged to enable two-step verification whenever it is available and never to use the same password more than once.

The account details were posted to Pastebin overnight, with the hackers suggesting 6,937,081 more records would be released if they receive donations to a bitcoin address.

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