Amazing fact: Kamal Haasan warned about Ebola six years ago…


The fantastic actor Kamal Hassan was warned something to the people before it happen. How can he know about this?

When ‘tsunami’ struck the east coast of our country and many people lost their lives in 2004, there was surprise among the people that Kamal Haasan had mentioned the word ‘tsunami’ in his movie ‘Anbesivam’ (2003), when it wasn’t known to many people.

The world is talking about the Ebola virus now, but the star actor has once again made heads turn, as he had mentioned about in his film ‘Dasavatharam’ in 2008.

In the scene where he tries to get back the parcel which contains the bio weapon, Kamal says “It’s a synthetic bio weapon, It’s a Ebola -Marburg combination. It’s very lethal.”

Other occasion when the star had mentioned something or portrayed in his films before it happened include the riot scene in ‘Hey Ram’ in 2000, which was followed by the Gujarat riots 2 years later.

Few months after his film ‘Vettaiyadu Vilayadu’ about two psychopath killers, the NODIA serial killing by Monider-Sathish duo came to light.

Is he a genius?, Let us watch what will be the next…

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