Kaththi issue: Petrol bomb thrown on Sathyam Theater…


Last night, those eager and happy fans who huddled online despite the late hours, to be the first to book tickets for ‘Kaththi’ were in for a cold shock. What began as despise for the production house’s association, has clearly overstepped the border now, bringing material damage at a widespread level.

The most happening hot shot theatre of Chennai city, Sathyam Cinemas was brutally attacked,shattering the glass facade to smithereens. The protest was lodged by unidentified group, that stood up against the release of ‘Kaththi’, for the sole reason that Lyca Productions steer the team. Another theatre in the city, Woodlands was also not spared; stories report that stones were pelted on this theatre.

With that, all signs of ‘Kaththi’ bookings opening last night shut down. However, latest feed suggest that the movie will certainly hit the screens tomorrow and the bookings will begin in a few hours from now.

Meanwhile, everybody in the know-how took to their social networking pages, posting the on-goings in the city, standing up for ‘Kaththi’.

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