Stock market likely to remain bullish…


Indian stock markets are likely to remain bullish during the current Hindu calendar year and investors would continue to reap rich gains This year has been euphoric for markets . Apart from the last one month or so, overseas investors have been buying heavily.

Now, that markets have been acquiring higher peaks, we can see retail investors coming back gradually. We are likely to witness a rise in retail flow into the market this year. That will be healthy for the market as so far Indian market is totally dependent on the FII money

The Sensex gained 5,590.42 points, or 26.37 per cent, currently we are in a bull-market and stocks will remain as best asset-class in Samvat 2071, provided global markets remain stable.

BJP’s win in two state elections (Maharashtra and Haryana) has raised expectations of additional reforms, Markets have given a thumbs up to this win as now the new government would find it much easier to pass reform bills in the Rajya Sabha.

With quick policy decision making and reforms clearances, we expect the new government to maintain and build higher confidence for FII investors.

With stable macros and policy push by the Modi government, Indian markets should be able to continue doing good. Reforms at the Centre are the key for the next leg of rally.

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