How to look like young ?, read it…


Now the world is moving faster in all of the things, not only in technology it’s also to be keep it in the food items. All are wants tasty foods at instantly, it makes health to illness.

To prevent from that and get young keep follow some useful tips.

Trans Fats
Trans fats are a complete no-no, if you want to retain the elasticity of your skin.

When it comes to a choice between butter and margarine, go for the former. Butter is better in retaining the youth of your skin.

Low Fat/No Fat Food
Packed foods which boast of being ‘low fat’ or ‘no fat’, are usually not so. It is always good to take in healthy fats than taking in no fats at all. Snack on dry fruits like almonds and walnuts. They keep the Omega 3 level in your body regulated, and keep your skin from ageing.

Refined Sugar or Sucrose
Consuming refined sugar or sucrose can spike up your blood sugar levels, interfering with the insulin response of your body. This, in turn, can lead to obesity and diabetes, which, in turn, speeds up ageing.

Refined or Processed Salt
The way refined sugar has adverse effects on your body, refined salt, too, interferes with the way your digestive system works. Go for unrefined sea salt, if you can, to ensure that you look young.

Potato Chips and French Fries
Potato chips and french fries are usually loaded with salt, and can end up harming the elasticity of your skin, if consumed frequently.

Goes without saying, too much of alcohol can damage the elasticity of your skin and will leave it looking dull and old.

Pastries and Sugary Doughnuts
Yes, it might sound really bad that things as tasty as doughnuts or parties can actually have a bad effect on your body. But the truth is that they do.

The amount of refined sugar that goes into the preparation of these goodies can actually speed up the process of ageing. The key word here is moderation. Too much of a good thing can also be bad.

Fatty Meats
Include lean meat in your diet, and steer clear of fatty meats. Fatty meats are usually high in saturated fats, and can speed up ageing.

Artificial Sweeteners
When it comes to ageing of the body, artificial sweeteners are worse than sucrose. Keep away from diet sodas, too, since these are usually sweetened using artificial sweeteners.

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