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Director Magizh Thirumeni’s third film ‘Meaghamann’ he has tried to come up with an undercover cop story with Arya in the lead, who is eyeing to make a mark in a solo hero subject. Read on.

Shiva (Arya) and Chandra (Ramana) are part of an undercover operation to bring down the drug mafia. They earn the trust of two different gangs, but as fate would have it, their real faces are revealed. What happens to them and will they survive?

Arya, who was more spontaneous in a similar premise in Vattaram, somehow looks too plasticky in this film. For a role that is very intense and that needs him to be on top of the game always, he could have been more agile, one might feel. Hansika plays more of a cameo role in this film, and she appears for more time during the end title cards than during the entire running time of the film.

Ashutosh Rana, who plays the main antagonist, gets too subtle at times. Although it is good that he does not deliver loud and long dialogues, he does not look menacing enough for the powerful role. There are a lot of lesser known faces in important roles, who chip in with convincing performances.

Under Thaman’s music, the club song is instantly forgettable and the montage song acts a speed-breaker. The theme music is the only piece of music in the film that impresses the audience and aptly, it has been used at quite a few places. Sathish Kumar’s camera work is handy during the stunt sequences and he is responsible for the stylish appeal of the scenes.

Direction – Magizh Thirumeni
The initial sequences that reveal about the main characters in the film are interesting, especially the scene in which Arya is shown shooting the target.

However, the director reveals too many information upfront, and does not come up with huge surprises later. It would have been ideal if the director played his cards close to his chest.

One scene that really makes one sit up is when Arya narrates a fictitious story to save his life. Watch out for it! There are also plenty of logical loopholes in the film, with the director taking his share of cinematic liberties as well.

On the other hands, thanks to the running time of just around 2 hours and 20 minutes, the movie doesn’t test your patience much. Had the director concentrated on making the screenplay more exciting, the end product could have been much better.

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