India becomes Second Most Trusted Nation…


In a survey which comes as a pleasant surprise and shock to many, India became second most trusted nation in the world.

Moving up the ranks, India has emerged as the second most-trusted country in the world next to UAE in terms of faith reposed in its institutions even as globally trust levels have fallen, says a survey.

This is the result of a survey which is conducted on the terms of faith that the people reposed on its institutions. Trust on the Indian institutions in our country has taken a toll high very sharply in the new year 2015 which helped our country to move up 3 notches, where India has settled in the second place among twenty seven nations across the globe.

While the number of “truster” countries is at an all-time low of six in 2015, including the UAE, India, China and Netherlands, the number of “distruster” countries has grown significantly to 13, including Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Italy.

Trust levels in Indian politicians too increased drastically to 82% in 2015 from 53% less than a year ago.

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