Breakfast food leads to Work fast…

January 30, 2015 0

Breakfast is most important in day to day life. If we avoid breakfast our good health also skip into a bad condition. Researchers found that men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27 per cent […]

Chewing Gum Kills 100 Million Bacteria…

January 30, 2015 0

Chewing of gum helped eliminate about 100 million oral bacteria in 10 minutes, according to a study. A team of researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that chewing of gum trapped […]

Vijay does it for his fans…

January 30, 2015 0

The much awaiting film of vijay’s Puli, is going higher. The film have wonderful scenes. It’s going to be a grand delight for all Vijay fans. When it comes to Vijay’s Puli, be it the […]

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