Kollywood top star says about Superstar place…


In an interview Dhanush says the Tamil star also talked about “stardom” and considers it to be,“nothing more than a little extra attention than the normal crowd”.

“I think stardom is all about little extra attention than normal people. Among all the normal people, a few get some extra attention, and so, there is nothing special about stardom,” Dhanush told.

He says he’s in awe of Hindi film actors, who work hard to get six- and eight-pack abs.
“It takes lot of hard work to achieve it.

I’ve immense respect for those who have done that. I respect that, but I’m trying to explore the kind of fame I have, the kind of looks I have.

I want to look my age and do characters that I can do now and not five years later. But if a script demands me to do that, I will,” added Dhanush.

And then he says people to compare his fame and talent with that of his iconic and legendary father-in-law, megastar Rajinikanth.

“I have achieved not even one per cent of what he (Rajinikanth) has and I feel there is no reason to compare me with the legend and icon that he is. He is the king, he is the god and he will always be the best,” Dhanush told.

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