Man lost $450 in Online shopping…


A British man buys from an reputed seller on eBay and does get a piece of paper instead of the ordered MacBook.

A incident has happened with Paul Barrington, 38, who fell victim to the cruel scam after winning the auction for a state-of-the-art Apple Mac-book on the website.

His winning eBay bid was £300 (around $460) for the top-of-the-range MacBook computer, which can cost up to £1,500 for a new one.

He was left devastated when he received a photocopy picture of the laptop instead of getting an Apple MacBook. Adding to the insult was the photocopy picture was not even a color one.

Paul says that, it contained nothing more than a black-and-white photocopy of a picture of what he thought he had ordered.

“The package was as light as a feather. Why bother sending a picture in a box? It doesn’t make any sense. I almost had to laugh.”

Paul called eBay to report this incident and in return he has been told to wait several days before he finds out if he is entitled to a refund.

In e-world, trust is the one thing that can never be guaranteed. So Be aware when you ordering on Online shopping.

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