Ajith could be the next ‘Superstar’, Why?


Over the last few years, debate among fans has intensified and in few years from now Tamil cinema could well witness a new Superstar. So who is the new Superstar in the making? To start off with, two worthy contenders who may take that spot in the future are Ajith and Vijay.

While Ilayathalapathy Vijay could go on to become the next Superstar, let us first see why Thala Ajith could get there before Vijay without even breaking a sweat. Going by the recent occurrences in Kollywood, Ajith’s star status has enhanced incredibly not just among fans but also among other celebrities.

All that being said, let’s now look into the top 10 reasons why Ajith could be the next Superstar of Kollywood.

Self Made Man
Like Rajinikanth, Thala Ajith is a self made man. Though it might sound like it has nothing to do with becoming the next Superstar, the fact remains that respect is the ultimate tool that will help anyone to gain the numero uno status and Ajith has ample of that.

A Phenomenon
Called Ajith Like it or not, over the last few years, Ajith is heading in the right direction to become a phenomenon worldwide, if he has not got there as of yet. Post Baashha, Rajinikanth was turned into a force very quickly and hence sometimes, all it might take is a couple of months to turn someone into a force to reckon with.

Good Off-Screen Image
If someone needs to carry the title ‘Superstar’ on his shoulders, he must have a very good image not only on the stage but also behind it and Ajith has done exactly that throughout his career. Pick any random movie buff on the street and he/she will have only good things to share about Ajith.

Magnitude Screen Presence
Ajith’s impressive screen presence is his biggest advantage. That, in fact is one of the most important asset any Superstar should have. Rajinikanth had it and now undoubtedly, Ajith has it.

Open To Experiments
Ajith is one among very few actors who experiments a lot while managing to fabricate enough hit movies to keep his fans interested. Though Rajinikanth stopped experimenting in the latter part of his career, people belonging to the next generation might want to see a Superstar who is open to experiments.

Stylish Actor
Ajith’s style comes from his body language. Post Mankatha, his style quotient has increased drastically and has never looked back since. Being a stylish actor always helps in the race of becoming the next Superstar.

Ready To Embrace Negative Roles
Rajinikanth started his career doing negative roles and went on to become a Superstar. Carrying off negative roles with ease have always been appreciated by fans. Ajith has understood that and hence has already stamped his authority as a hero who could also be Villain at times.

Massive Fan Following
Ajith’s fan base is gigantic not only in India but also overseas. With Yennai Arindhaal reaching Japanese theatres, Ajith’s fan base in the foreign countries could multiply in the next couple of years.

King Of Opening
Ajith is not labelled ‘king of opening’ for nothing. All his movies usually enjoy a massive opening regardless of the movie’s content. Box office numbers do matter at the end of the day especially if it’s a Superstar’s film.

Favourite Among Celebrities
As mentioned earlier, Ajith is not only followed by fans but is also followed by many celebrities with utmost interest. Fellow actors tend to play a major role in deciding who the next Superstar is and Ajith scores big in that aspect of the game.

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